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Krill is an abundant species of shrimp-like marine life found in oceans around the world that serve as a primary food source for whales. The oil in their bodies is comprised of Omega-3 fatty acids similar to those found in fish oil; Omega-3 fatty acids attached to phospholipids, mainly Phosphatidylcholine (sometimes also called Marine Lecithin); and the oxidant Astaxanthin. This unique composition allows krill to survive well in the frozen waters of the Arctic Ocean, and is known to enhance healthy blood lipids and brain function in humans and to treat nervous disorders, along with helping to reduce physical and emotional menstrual discomforts in women.

Bottle Contents: 60 Capsules (500 mg)

Ingredients: Fish (anchovy, sardine, mackerel, jack mackerel), shellfish (Antarctic krill) and soy.

Other Ingredients: Softgel capsule consists of gelatin, glycerin, and water.

Dosage and Use: 1 or 2 caps twice daily with meals.

Time of Day: With a meal

Quantity Needed for One-Month Supply: 1 Bottle

Cautions: Do not take Krill Oil if you have a shellfish allergy.

What it Does/How it Works:

Krill (Euphausia superba) is a pink, shrimplike creature that thrives in the freezing Antarctic Ocean and forms the basis of the diet for many whales.The total population of Krill represents one of the largest biomasses on the planet.

Krill Oil is unique in that it has a very different chemical composition than other fish oils that enables krill to survive in freezing waters, and this adaptogenic quality is an important aspect of krill oil’s medicinal powers.

Krill Oil not only contains the Omega-3 fatty acids that are deficient in most modern diets, but the Omega-3 acids are also bonded with Phosphatidyl Choline. The Phosphatidyl Choline component helps make Krill Oil more absorbable than other fish oils. Krill Oil also contains astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant.

At Alchemist Lab we prescribe Krill Oil to help heal the nervous system. We often prescribe it alongside Phosphatidyl Serine to restore nerve endings in Herpes infections.

Krill Oil also has a hormonal balancing effect unique for a fish oil. Krill Oil combined with Phospatidyl Serine is a great combination for use in the treatment of both PMS and menopause.

At Alchemist Lab, we also prescribe Krill Oil in our neurological detox protocol for conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s Disease.


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