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Chanca Piedra


Chanca Piedra, meaning “break stone” in Spanish, is used in the treatment of kidney and gall stones. It is also used for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, parasitic and venereal infections. At Alchemist Lab we use it extensively for digestive problems associated with Hepatitis.

Bottle Contents: 90 Capsules (500 mg)

Ingredients: 10 – 1 extract of Chanca Piedra with 3% Bitter Principles

Other Ingredients: Capsule is a vegi-cap composed of hypromellose, sorbitol, silicon dioxide and water.

Dosage and Use: Dosage varies according to use.

For Kidney Stones: 3 caps with water or tea 4 times daily.

For Hepatitis C or gallstones: 2 or 3 caps before meals, especially any heavy meal

Time of Day: According to use. See “Dosage and Use” above.

Quantity Needed for One-Month Supply: 1 or 2 bottles, depending on daily dosage

Cautions: Do not take Chanca Piedra if your are pregnant or nursing.

What it Does/How it Works:

“Chanca Piedra” means “break stone” in Spanish. It is most well known use is in treating kidney stones and gall bladder stones. In a large scale medical study in Brazil, Chanca Piedra showed a 94% rate of effectiveness in the treatment of kidney stones.

Phyllanthus is a very large family of plants with very extensive distribution worldwide. 

There are three closely related species that are used widely: 

Phyllanthusamarus, Phyllanthus niruru, and Phyllanthus urinaria. Chanca Piedra is Phyllanthus niuri.

Worldwide these species are used for an amazing number of conditions and diseases.

For Hepatitis B & C patients we prescribe Chanca Piedra whenever there is digestive weakness or upset.  Especially if there is the inability to digest fats properly.

Extensive medical studies have been done in China on Phyllanthus amarus. They have shown it to have anti-viral properties against Hep B & C. They have also demonstrated its many other virtues including as anti-inflammatory, broad spectrum anti-infective, and hepaprotective in cases of poisonings.

At Alchemist Lab, we use Chanca Piedra in our Detox Protocol, as it enhances bile production, which aids in the elimination of toxicity.

The liver gathers toxins, which are excreted in the bile. Bile is reabsorbed in the ileum (the end segment of the small intestine) and recycled back to the liver. Chanca Piedra induces the body to make more bile than it can recycle, and thereby eliminate toxins.

Chanca Piedra has many other uses, from treating venereal diseases, prostatitis, parasitic problems and ulcers. It has the unusual action of being strongly anti-infective while being anti-spasmodic and calming to the system.


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