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CoQH-CF (Ubiquinol)

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CoQH-CF, also known as Ubiquinol, is the reduced product of Coenzyme Q10. It is useful in the treatment of heart conditions, Parkinson’s Disease, regulating blood pressure and increasing general energy levels. In congestive heart failure it is the most essential of treatments.

Bottle Contents: 60 Softgels (100 mg)

Ingredients: Ubiquinol

Other Ingredients: D-Limonene Oil, Gelatin, Glycerin, Water, Caprylic Acid, Capric Acid, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Caramel Liquid

Dosage and Use: 1 capsule twice daily with meals. 2 capsules daily for use in the treatment of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Congestive Heart Failure

Time of Day: Any

Quantity Needed for One-Month Supply: Depending on dosage. 1 bottle for regular dosage. 2 bottles for increased dosage as indicated on this page.

Cautions: None

What it Does/How it Works:

CoQH-CF, also known as Ubiquinol, is the reduced form of Co-Q10 (Ubiquinone).CoQH-CF is the form that the body uses in cellular energy production. It is the strongest lipid-soluble antioxidant that helps protect the body.

Ubiquinol got its name as it is ubiquitous in the body, as it is found in the mitochondria of every human cell. The most essential tissues of the entire body including the heart and the brain concentrate this valuable co-enzyme.

In an absorption study, ubiquinol proved to be 8 times more bio-available than ubiquinone. In our clinical experience, CoQH-CF is a far superior product to Co-Q10.

Because Ubiquinol makes the heart muscle pump more effectively and is therefore helpful in maintaining normal blood pressure, it is recommended in the treatment of cardiovascular problems, including congestive heart failure.

Ubiquinol’s ability to concentrate in the tissues of eyes and gums makes it also useful in treating conditions related to those part of the body.

Statin medications inhibit the production of ubiquinol, which can result in weakness in muscles (including the heart) in patients taking statins. Therefore, Co-QH CF is recommended for anyone taking statin (cholesterol-lowering) medications,

Ubiquinol is used to increase energy levels. Current studies indicate that it also may  increase longevity.

Ubiquinol concentrates in nerve and brain tissue, similar to the high levels of the concentrations of CoQH-CF found in the heart. Research about ubiquinol is showing that it is useful in the treatment of some chronic degenerative neurological conditions, including Parkinson’s Disease, which has been the most-studied.


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