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Li Dan Pian (Gall Bladder Support)

Plum Flower

Li Dan Pian is used for gallstone and other gallbladder complaints. At Alchemist Lab we also use it to enhance bile flow, which helps in detoxification.

Bottle Contents: 84 Tablets

Ingredients: Scutellaria, Aucklandia, Lysimachia, Lonicera, Artemesia Capillaris, Bupleurum, Isatis Leaf, Rheum

Dosage and Use: 5 tablets 3 times daily.

Time of Day: Before each meal.

Quantity Needed for One-Month Supply: 2 bottles

Cautions: Do not use if pregnant.

What it Does/How it Works:

Li Dan Pian is a gall bladder remedy useful in treating gall stones and the inability to digest fats. At Alchemist Lab we use use it extensively for poor digestion and constipation associated with Hepatitis C. It is an important patent medicine to bring GGT levels down. High levels of GGT indicate injury or blockage to bile ducts.

We also use Li Dan in our Neurotoxic Detox Protocol to help avoid neurotoxins being re-absorbed with the bile. Lidan spurs the liver to produce more bile than can be re-absorbed, thus dumping some of the toxins collected in the bile.

Many of the herbs in this product’s formula have significant anti-viral properties in and of themselves, though typically they are used in much higher dosages for that purpose. Artemesia Capillaris herb is one of three herbal ingredients in the very expensive Eurocel product used to treat Hepatitis C. Lonicera or honeysuckle flower is one of our clinic’s favorite anti-infectives used in many of the Dragon Heart Herbal Combinations. The addition of Rheum or Da Huang gives this formula too strong of a laxative effect to take the dosages necessary for a full anti-viral punch.

Articles, References and Studies:

An excellent article on treating gall stones, written by Subhuti Dharmananda, Steven’s favorite writer about Chinese Herbal Medicine


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