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Papaya Leaf Extract raises platelet levels.

Bottle Contents: 16 Fluid Ounces Alcohol-Free

Ingredients: Organic Papaya Leaf, Vegetable Glycerin, Water, Potassium Benzoate

Dosage and Use: 1 bottle needed for 1 month supply

Side Effects: We are just beginning to use this product and we have had a couple cases where patients had to start on lower doses or they felt poorly. In the literature there is the potential for allergic reaction. Do not use if excessive blood clotting of platelets is problematic.There is one study out of India which shows a transitory drop in sperm count. This study was done because of the folk belief that planting papaya trees close to the house can damper fertility.

What it Does/How it Works:

The Papaya Tree is known as the "medicine tree" or a the melon of health in areas of the world. 

PubMed which catalogues medical research from around the world has 38 entries for papaya related studies, though some are multi herb research studies. What is typical in these entries is that there are many observed qualities of papaya leaf, "the precise cellular mechanism is unclear." No one seems to know yet, how exactly papaya leaf extract works. 

Some of its phytochemical profile is revealed, yielding Papain, Carpaine, Lycopene, Sinigrin, Caricin, Acetogenins, and Vitamins A & C.  We have only seen one report that directly links acetogenins with the ability to modulate the production of ATP. Otherwise in reading through the studies I don't see any direct understanding between constituents and its most important actions.

So what are the qualities of this medicine tree? Foremost is that it can raise platelet levels. This quality has been shown in numerous parts of the world.

It can kill pathogenic organisms of a wide variety. It has widespread use in the treatment of dengue fever, parasitic infections, and malaria.  Studies have shown utility against fungal and bacterial infections. There are anecdotal reports of its use against HCV.

In studies it shows significant inhibitory action on tumor cell lines. There are many reports of its reversal of advanced cancers, though no studies that document this ability.

Other qualities include protection of both liver and kidneys from toxicity. This is an amazing juxtaposition of qualities having it so strongly anti-infective, yet healing of the internal organs at the same time.

Parts of the papaya are used extensively in treating skin conditions, including ulcers & burns.

Papaya leaf extract has a hypoglycemic effect on blood sugar, and more important shows an ability to regenerate the islets cells of the pancreas.



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