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Red Root Herbal Combination

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Red Root Herbal Combination is useful in the treatment of Cirrhotic patients who have splenomegaly, low platelets, leg swelling, or ascites. This herbal formula is also valuable in the treatment of lymphatic congestion associated with both Mononucleosis as well as Lyme disease, particularly the Lyme co-infection Bartonella.

Quantity: 600 grams

Ingredients: Red root, milk thistle, attractylodes, echinacea, patrinia, pau darco, orange peel, astragalus,  dandelion root, nettles, fuling, huangbai, mudanpi (mountain peony).

Dosage and Use: Simmer a small handful of Red Root Herbal Combination in 2 1/2 cups of water for 10 minutes. Strain and drink. Herbs can be re-cooked.

Time of Day: Because this herbal formula acts to dispel accumulated water, don’t use before bed, as it will keep you awake, urinating.

Quantity Needed for One-Month Supply: 1 bag

Cautions: The diuretic quality of this formula is balanced by the potassium content of the nettles, so it won’t disturb electrolyte function.

What it Does/How it Works:

Red Root is a time-honored treatment for splenomegaly (enlargement of the spleen). In early American Pharmacopeias it is often the only entry for this condition.

At Alchemist Lab, we turn to this proprietary Red Root Herbal Combination formula when there are ascites (an accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity, most commonly due to cirrhosis and severe liver disease) or other fluid rentention problems.

We also prescribe it for bleeding problems, including low platelets and slow pro-thrombin time. Historically it has even been used for hemorrages.

Dragon Heart Healing Arts Red Root Herbal Combination is fabulous for lymphatic congestion and swelling. Very useful for rheumatic complaints as well.


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